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American Medical Association (AMA)
AMA Response to Kevorkian Sentence
American Nurses Association and Euthanasia
Assisted-Suicide, Debates
Assisted-Suicide, Drugs Poll
Assisted-Suicide, Right To

Berry, Andy
Belgium Legalizes Euthanasia
Books on Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide
Britain, and Euthanasia
Britain, Euthanasia Movement
Britain, Parliament Rejects Assisted Suicide Bill
British Doctors and Euthanasia

California, Assisted Suicide
California, Assisted Suicide Bill
Children and Euthanasia
Christian Medical and Dental Society
Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia (CURE)
Clinton, Bill
Colleges, Pro-Life
Columbia, and Euthanasia
Congress - Anti-Assisted Suicide Bill

Debating Euthanasia

Disabilities, People with Clash with Assisted-Suicide Advocates
Disabilities, Vietnam Veteran
Disability Groups Opposing Physician Assisted Suicide
Doctors, Assisted-Suicide Poll

Email to
Euthanasia, Fact Sheets
Euthanasia, Involuntary

Florida, Privacy Amendment
Foley, Kathleen M. M.D.
Food and Fluid Withholding
Foundations, Support of Assisted-Suicide

Germany, Nazi Euthanasia Program, Article 1
Germany, Nazi Euthanasia Program, Article 2
Gomez, Prof. Carlos, M.D.
Great Britain

Hawaii Assisted Suicide Bill
Hentoff, Nat
Hippocratic Oath
History of Assisted Suicide
History of Euthanasia
Hospice Foundation of America
Hospice Links
Hungarian Doctors
Hungary, Articles

International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force
Italy, Articles

Japan, Articles

Kant, Immanuel
Kevorkian, Articles
Kevorkian, Comments On Verdict
Kevorkian, Disabled Activists Comment On
Kevorkian, Family Research Council Comments

Kevorkian, Forbes Comments
Kevorkian, Jack M.D.
Keyes, Alan
Koop, C. Everett, M.D.

Life Support - Poll
Living Wills

Maine, Assisted-Suicide Rejected
Map of Countries Where Euthanasia is Legal
Martin, Michael, Case
Massachusetts, Assisted-Suicide on Ballot
Medical Rationing
Mental Illness and Suicide
Michigan, Articles on Assisted Suicide
Malcolm Muggeridge

Nazi Germany, Articles
Netherlands, History of Euthanasia
Netherlands, Involuntary Euthanasia
Netherlands, Number of Euthanasia Cases
Netherlands, Additional Articles
New Zealand, Articles
Nursing Home Residents

Oregon - Articles on Assisted Suicide Law
Oregon - State Paying Assisted Suicide

Pain Control Resources
Parapalegic Case
Polio Victim
Polls, Euthanasia
Project Life
Pro-Life Movement and Euthanasia

Quotations on Euthanasia

Religious Groups
Religious Groups
Reno, Janet, U.S. Attorney General

Salvation Army
Schiavo, Terry, Case
Schiavo, Terry, Case (More Articles)
Slovakia, Articles
Smith, Wesley J., Esq.
South Carolina, Ban on Assisted Suicide
Spain, Articles
Spanish Language Pages
Speakers for Conferences, Symposiums or Debates on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
States- Assisted suicide Laws
Status of Euthanasia Worldwide
Suicide Attempts - Charts
Suicide, Help for People
Suicides, Youth
Supreme Court Cases, U.S.
Switzerland, Articles

Terminally Ill and Assisted Suicide
Terry Schiavo Case

Ukrainian Language Pages
UK Doctors
US Politicians and Euthanasia

Vacco v. Quill Supreme Court Ruling
Video on Web: Euthanasia/Assisted         Suicide
Video Tapes, Assisted-Suicide

Washington v. Glucksberg Supreme         Court Ruling
World Federation of Doctors Who Respect
Human Life

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