Cases of the Anorexic Woman and the Bereaved Mother

A Dutch documentary reported on the euthanasia of a young woman in remission from anorexia. Worried that her eating disorder would return, she asked her doctor to kill her. He did and the authorities refused to prosecute.

The most infamous case of this sort involved a physically healthy woman who had become obsessed about being buried between her two dead children. She bought a cemetery plot, had her children buried one on each side of her planned grave, and then asked a psychiatrist to assist her suicide. He met with her four times over approximately five weeks and never attempted treatment. He then assisted her suicide. The Dutch Supreme Court refused to punish him, ruling that suffering is suffering and it does not matter whether it is physical or emotional, to justify euthanasia.

Source: Wesley Smith article "We Ignore the Dutch Legalization of Euthanasia at Our Own Peril" December 17, 2000.

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