Man Who Recovered Warns About Washington Assisted-Suicide

"As our voting on Prop.1000 draws closer I am very concerned about what I hear as % getting closer to passing on the 4th of Nov. I have tried several times to contact the coalition against assisted suicide with out much luck.

I am one of those people who would not be alive today if prop1000 was law. In the first part of 2000 I had a surgery to repair what another surgeon had goofed up 3 years earlier. It all went down hill, I ended up with 2 strains of staff infection and had to have my sternum removed. 7 weeks I lay in the hospital with doctors telling me and my wife to get the family together because I was not going to make it. When the doctors closed up my chest I woke up on an iron lung again the doctors said I was not going to make it much longer, my wife was reminded to contact the family. When the nurses pulled the tube from my trout the doctors told my wife that this was it I would only be around a matter of hours or days at the most. Than I was sent home with drain tube's in my chest and a doctors reminder that the end was near. At any point I could have told the doctors to sign off, I could of made the request to end my life and I am confident now that I would of had doctors sign it off with no problem. It was not in effect and 8 years later I am still alive.

I need to get this message to the people so the population knows to vote no on prop1000.."

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