People Who Attempt Suicide Only Once

Many people who attempt suicide are stopped by others. Many then seek counseling and go on to lead happier and better lives. If they had been "assisted" in their attempts they would never have had that chance. Here are the results of a couple of studies:

One study of 886 people who were rescued from attempted suicides found that five years later only 3.84 percent had gone on to kill themselves.

Rosen, The Serious Suicide Attempt: Fiue Year Follow Up Study of 886 Patients, 235 J.A.M.A. 2105, 2105 (1976).

A Swedish study with a 35-year follow-up found only 10.9 percent later killed themselves.

Dahlgren, Attempted Suicides 35 Years Afterward, 7 SUICIDE AND LIFE-THREATENING BEHAVIOR 75, 76, 78 (1977).

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