The Right To Do Evil

By Rob Williams

Some people say that physician-assisted suicide is a "right", as if that should be the end of all discussion and debate. They are wrong . . . there are many things that are not rights. Many of these are actions that would hurt the individual for whom they claim these "rights."

As far as I am aware, all countries outlaw the sale and use of heroin. There is no "right" to sell heroin. There is no "right" to take heroin. These are just a couple of things for which no legal rights exist.

There ARE cases where society must protect people from themselves - whether from addiction to harmful drugs or from compulsive gambling or from a mental ailment (such as depression) that leads them to self-destructive behavior. These people deserve compassion. To label their problems are "rights" and to let them ruin their lives is just plain wrong.

For further information see Dr. Brian Pollard's article "Euthanasia."

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