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"This does not mean that usual criteria for brain death are incorrect. But it does mean that, like any criteria, they are judged by fallible human beings - who may have an interest, conscious or subconscious, in having the decision go their way, whichever way that was. (Run-on sentence, but interesting point.) Is Jahi McMath dead? We need the bed; she costs too much to care for, and we're never wrong. Is Charlie Gard's case hopeless? Of course it is; we said so, and we're never wrong. Does Terri Schiavo want to die? She must, because the judge said so - but don't offer her water or ice chips; if she takes them, that would suggest that she doesn't want to die, and we're never wrong.

"Ever watch Forensic Files? Someone near the end usually says, Science never lies. No, but people do, including scientists. After all, if a full-term fetus isn't legally a "person," and the severely brain damaged can be slowly dehydrated and starved to death, then who is to say that the severely ill or disabled can't be declared "as good as dead"? We used to hang convicted murderers - the noose tightened quickly. The Spaniards used to employ the garrote the metal band tightened slowly, but the result was the same. The noose of the anti-life movement is tightening slowly, but steadily." . . . Dr. David C. Stolinsky.

"Once a society embraces killing as an answer to suffering, the ‘suffering’ that qualifies for termination never stops expanding,” wrote Smith. “Since lethal-injection euthanasia became decriminalized — and then, formally legalized — the killable caste has expanded from the terminally ill, to the chronically ill, to people with disabilities, to babies born with serious medical conditions, to the mentally ill, etc., etc., etc." . . . Wesley J. Smith.

Internet Comment
"Aid in dying," "right to die," and "end of life options," and "death with dignity" are all euphemisms used to make "assisted suicide" palatable and gain public support. It's sad when a movement needs to resort to such tricks because their arguments would otherwise be repugnant to the great majority of civilized citizens. Please call a spade a spade: this is about giving other people the right to help someone else kill themselves. There is no better term than "assisted suicide'! Maybe we should just call theft "end of funds option" or call "assault" "right to terminate argument." It makes as much sense as your corruption of the English language.

The Reason for the Assisted Suicide Push
"Wealthy people who are in good health are demanding that laws against killing human beings be changed because SOMEDAY they might want to kill themselves and not have the physical ability to do so. They want to give another person the legal right to kill them. Unfortunately, laws apply to everyone and the passage of assisted-suicide laws affect people with disabilities, the mentally ill, the elderly who are confused, and people with impaired judgment due to their medicines. All assisted suicide laws in the US --- both those in force and those proposed --- do not adequately protect these people."

"Death With Dignity"
"Everybody dies with dignity. But you can treat them as if they don't have dignity."

Right-To-Die Activist Gets Euthanized, Then Posthumously Confesses To 8 Euthanasia Killings

"It is wrong for our collective response to the depression and emotional pain that follows a terminal diagnosis to offer suicide as the treatment. Those confronting their most difficult days should be treated with compassion, understanding and support. Our medical response should not be to encourage them to end their lives prematurely." . . . Stephanie Packer.

"a right-to-die clinic that had been set up in the Netherlands to serve people whose regular doctors wouldn't give them lethal injections approved the killing of eleven whose only complaint was that they were 'tired of living.'" . . . Russell Shaw

Atheist Professor: "They want to make suicide a professional activity, and that doesn't sound like suicide any more. That sounds like killing."

Regarding Alfie Evans: "If you wait months for courts to decide, the patient's condition deteriorates. Then you can never be proved wrong. How convenient for the narcissistic. How reassuring for the arrogant. How comforting for the hubristic. But how dangerous for all the rest of us." . . . Dr. David C. Stolinsky.

"Just as we have 'casual sex', now we have 'casual death'. Two Canadians relayed to me their experience of witnessing a doctor delivering a lethal injection to a person they loved. They described it as making death seem 'so casual'. They said this perception concerned, even traumatised, them. The person euthanised was very old, not terminally ill, mentally competent, and had long been depressed." . . .Margaret Somerville.


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    "They say there isn't much hope for little Indi, but until the very end, I'll do what I can to defend her life, and to defend the right of her mamma and papa to do all that they can for her." . . . Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

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    "... like the majority of domestic violence cases, women are the majority of victims in murder suicides by despairing spouses unable to cope with the stress of caregiving. As women statistically have longer life spans than men, they are the most likely targets of physician assisted suicide. The majority of euthanasia advocate Dr. Jack Kevorkian's victims have been women. If assisted suicide and euthanasia are sanctioned choices, how many women will feel pressured to choose them?" ... Serrin M. Foster, Executive Director, Feminists For Life of America

    "It wasn't many years ago that almost everyone accepted that infanticide is intrinsically and inherently wrong," wrote Smith. "No more. With personhood theory and the 'quality of life' ethic increasingly permeating the highest levels of the medical and bioethical intelligentsia, we are moving toward a medical system in which babies are put down like dogs and killing is redefined as compassion."... Bioethicist Wesley Smith

    "Surely the very last people who can make calm and balanced decisions about life and death are those who are in pain and those who are close to them. Anguish and emotion are powerful factors and they make for a gripping story. But by their very nature they obscure clear thought."... Canadian writer Michael Coren

    "There is nothing dignified about committing suicide with or without help. I want to live every moment that I can, whatever happens to me in the future regarding health, and I dread someone who thinks they know better than me, one day deciding that I would be better dead. While there is life there is always hope, however grim the prognosis. Many people will live in fear and dread if euthanasia is legalized."... D. Nott

    "Given the situation with health care and health insurance in this country and the focus on cutting costs, laws like this simply make it easier for the system to save money and empty those hospital beds" . . . Barbara Simpson.

  • The US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached by calling 800-273-8255. For those who don't want to speak to a counselor, there's also a national Crisis Text Line available 24/7 by texting "home" to 741741.