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        "New England Journal of Medicine publishes 1296-word article on how medical schools should weed out students who will become bad doctors. But words religion, religious, church, synagogue, ethics are not mentioned. Getting along in system is emphasized. Sad."
         . . . David C. Stolinsky, MD



"Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician's role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks." . . . the American Medical Association's official statement.

"Instead of creating a new medical treatment called 'death with dignity,' let's ensure that people have the in-home supports necessary to live in dignity. Old, ill, and disabled people deserve care that does not burden family and caregivers, care that includes mental health support for feelings of demoralization and depression." . . . John Kelly, director of "Massachusetts Second Thoughts: People with Disabilities Opposing the Legalization of Assisted Suicide."

"I have never considered as a doctor that death was a good treatment for anything." . . . Breast cancer surgeon Philippa Whitford, British MP.




"The bias of physicians from the time of Hippocrates, 24 centuries ago, until only a few years ago, was for the continuation of life. The bias is now shifting. Unless we do something, soon the bias will be for the cessation of life as soon as it becomes inconvenient to others. In an era of "cost containment," this thought should trouble all of us." ... by David C. Stolinsky, MD (Click here for article)

"The idea that people with disabilities are not worthy of society's acceptance or resources is not new. We see this form of hatred throughout history, often masked as benevolence. " ... Diane Coleman, J.D., Founder, Not Dead Yet, 1999.

"In my experience, when the pain is bad, what I need is not to be told I'm burdensome and it's my choice whether I want to live or die, and that perhaps I would be better off dead. What I need is to be surrounded by people who tell me, yes, my life does have value, and I'm not burdensome ... they can't take the pain away, but sometimes it's not the pain that hurts the most, it's the fear of being abandoned." ... Alison Davis, who suffers from spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and multiple other disabilities. May 30, 2009.

"A man, even if seriously sick or prevented in the exercise of its higher functions, is and will be always a man ... [he] will never become a 'vegetable' or an 'animal,'" the Pope said. "The intrinsic value and personal dignity of every human being does not change depending on their circumstances." ... Pope John Paul II, Lourdes, France, August, 2004.

"... the choice of a mentally competent, terminally ill person to choose to self-administer medications to bring about a peaceful death is not 'suicide,' nor is the prescribing of such medication by a physician 'assisted suicide.' " ... The American Public Health Association (Click here for article.)

"This is pure politics, of course ... It isn't medicine. And it isn't health ... A "surreal world" is being entered, words mean nothing other than what we want them to at the moment, and this is changeable from moment to moment. Clocks run backwards. Up is down, and east is west. The moon is made of blue cheese, if that serves our purposes. And the basic institutions of society are being steadily corrupted." ... Wesley Smith, bioethics specialist and lawyer, commenting on the American Public Health Association statement (Click here for article.)

"No, we're not Nazis. We would never kill the disabled or the elderly. We will simply deny them treatment and give them a "painkiller." And then we will cut back on pain medication as well. Now are you worried?" ... by David C. Stolinsky, MD (Click here for article.)

         Take the Hippocratic Oath Too Seriously?

         Assisted-Suicide Law Prompts Insurance Company To Deny Coverage To Terminally Ill California Woman

        "Is killing an acceptable answer to human suffering?"

        "That euthanasia is being used not as a last resort, but as suicide-on-demand in Europe is ignored by those who argue that for the dying to have dignity, they must die faster."
         . . . Jonathon Van Maren

        A Vermont doctor recently told his elderly patient that the successful treatment plan would be discontinued. The reason given by the doctor:
        "Even the elderly, without much time left, should not become addicts. Better that they learn to live with pain."
        How ironic in a state that has legalized Assisted Suicide, you can kill yourself, but you can't decide whether or not to take a pain pill? . . . Rosemarie Jackowski

         "In the United Kingdom there were calls for a transparent assisted-suicide process, overseen by doctors, medical staff and lawyers. . . . In Oregon,
        57 of 59 such cases had a 'compassionate choice volunteer.' Now here, you would throw out the priests and have a creepy person
         who is interested in watching people die!"
        . . . New Zealand professor (and atheist) Kevin Yuill.

         "Health facilities' introduction of assisted suicide into palliative-care wards and hospices, following legalization of
        Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in June 2016, has led to a reduction in true palliative-care services . . .
         It's like a cancer growing within the palliative care programs,"
. . . Dr. Neil Hilliard, former medical director of palliative care
        in the Fraser Health BC region.

...         Oxford Professor David Albert Jones on the World Medical Association in 2021 limiting the scope of conscientious objection for euthanasia in its code of ethics:
        "if a doctor objects in conscience to participation in torture or capital punishment or to force feeding of a prisoner who is on hunger strike, it would be unprincipled for them to find someone with fewer scruples to do the deed for them. To require a conscientious objector to facilitate delivery of the procedure to which they object is a direct attack on person's conscience and moral integrity, and thus a serious harm to them. It would be much better to say nothing about conscientious objection than to undermine it by imposing a requirement for 'effective and timely referral'."


The US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached by calling 800-273-8255. For those who don't want to speak to a counselor, there's also a national Crisis Text Line available 24/7 by texting "home" to 741741.