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" You matter because you are you.
You matter to the last moment of your life,
and we will do all we can,
not only to help you die peacefully,
but also to live until you die."

... Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of Hospice

"Patients can rationally decide to end their lives, it is asserted. But how rational is the person who has just learned he's about to die? Once suicide is sanctioned, the burden will be on the dying to justify their continued existence." ... Don Feder in A Jewish Conservative Looks at Pagan America

". . . new medical journals are now exclusively dedicated to pain management and palliative care. When pain becomes an argument for ending life, it is the pain that must be killed, not the patient." ... by Dr. Sherif Emil, Director Pediatric General Surgery, Montreal Children's Hospital. "Euthanasia is an affront to all those who care for the terminally ill to refer to this act as death with dignity - it is our objective that all our patients die with dignity." ... by Dr. Manuel Borod, Director, McGill University Health Care Palliative Care Unit.

The US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached by calling 800-273-8255. For those who don't want to speak to a counselor, there's also a national Crisis Text Line available 24/7 by texting "home" to 741741.